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“Don’t Hesitate Wondering whether you should do it or not”
Now is the time!

Are you ready to be a leader for God?

10 Week Leaders Program: Every Saturday

Discover how to be a world class leader from the perspective of the Bible in an engaging and interactive way. By learning the fundamentals of God’s word, equip yourself as a spiritual hero who can lead lives to Heaven.


Orientation and leadership principles. Are you ready to answer questions about the bible as a representative of the Lord? If not bring all your questions and lets start this spiritual journey, learning how to read God's guidebook, the bible.


How to understand the bible. Do you ever feel the bible is too complicated to read? This week we will delve into understanding how to read God's language and eliminating any misunderstandings on contractions we might have had about God.

Week Three

Parables. What is the key to understanding the bible? With that key we will unraveling God's deep secrets contained in the word. What will we find?

Week Four

The secret of human beings. The bible says humans have a body, soul and spirit. What's the difference between the soul and spirit? Why do we need them? Interested? This week you will learn what they are, their purpose and how they work together.

Week Five

The rapture. Where will we meet the Lord when he returns? In the air, on a cloud? How will we know he has returned? We will take a closer look at one of Jesus' final instructions on the return of the Lord.

Week Six

Fire and the Last days. In the last days when the Lord returns he comes with fire. Should I be joyful or scared? Why does it say in the Old Testament that the Messiah would come with fire? Did Jesus come with fire? The day we wait for, the coming of the Christ fills us with mix emotions at times. We must know clearly how we must wait and meet the Lord. So let's learn more.

Week Seven

Week seven: Noah and the flood. Did God judge the whole world even though some people had never heard of him? Is that a God of love? And why did God judge. Let's take a look at why the flood happened and how we can avoid such judgment.

Week Eight

Our Fate. Is everything predestined? Are we just chess pieces? We will talk about God's perfect plan for each and every human being.

Week Nine

Resurrection. What will happen when the trumpet calls and the dead in Christ rise? Will it be like 'The walking dead' or maybe Michael Jackson's Thriller?' To be cremated or not to be cremated? That is the question. This has baffled so many people over the years. So let's take a look.

Week Ten

The Trinity. Let's get to know God. God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son. God has made man in is image, so know God is knowing who we are and how we must live. We will study about each entity of God